A Roller Coaster Ride
Knowledge is something even a thief cannot steal from you.

Question Analysis for July 25


  1. Is the glass half full or half empty?


I’d rather be optimistic about my life and answer it as ‘Half full’.  Always adore whatever you have rather than worrying about what you don’t have. People who crave for something which is not available will look at this glass as half empty. But they will never understand that their vision will not heed them success.


  1. How do you choose an outfit before leaving?


Traditionally, people dress according their comfort and occasion. That's the best thing to do too. You are not here to impress or impose, just wear whatever is pleasant and enjoy.


  1. It is easier for me to think…


I have been in such situations a lot of times and I understood the trick. When you explain something to someone, you tend to find a solution to your problem. Have never encountered this? Try doing it and you feel positive.


  1. It is easier for you to learn through ...


Examples and detailed explanation to avoid confusion in the future. Learning doesn't mean you will remember now and forget later. Zeal of learning should never fade away. Try to relate it with examples, you will reminisce about it forever.


  1. Your hobby:


Cooking and reading. These two habits of mine will keep me focused on whatever I want to do in my life. These are more like stress busters than hobbies.


  1. How much time do you need to clean up in the morning?


I will spend 30 minutes for cleaning in the morning and sometimes even less than that. Anything with practice will consume less time. Don’t you all agree with me?


  1. Which of these images is best for you?


This has been my dream since my childhood to have worked as an undercover agent. I do read a lot of mysterious and detective stories too. But that's all I can do now.


  1. Which of these concerns seem to you the most difficult?


I believe that any concern or problem will have a solution. Only your balanced behavior can understand where it is. But health is something, which will hamper you a lot. I find it the most difficult one to deal with.


  1. Which people attract you more: those who are older than you, or those who are younger?


Anyone with kind heart and soul will attract. Age is just a number.


  1. Which of these things do you want the most?


Knowledge can bring in glory, name, fame and money. Always learn new things and improve your knowledge. That is something even a thief cannot steal from you.


  1. Does the end justify the means?


I don’t think so. I don’t believe in the end.


  1. Which of these questions do you like to discuss the most?


Philosophy. But don’t we all know that people won’t be interested to join buy discussion if this is going be the subject. Bring in gossip, then you will end saying “House full”.


  1. What do you think holds you back in life?


The fact that I get nervous and upset often is the worst quality I possess. This silly yet serious thing is holding me with its tentacles from moving towards my successful future.


  1. What do you feel when you see a homeless?


You never really know what is the exact reason behind the person being homeless. If possible, try to know and help. There is nothing much to think here. If you are in a position to lend your helping hand, then go ahead.


  1. How good have you been feeling lately?


My life has been a roller coaster ride always. I would like not to name it rather. It is just going on and Thank you for asking.

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Dec 31, 1969
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