Undercover agent
Forget the past or go back and change some things. Which one would be better?

Question Analysis for July 25

  1. Is the glass half full or half empty?

For me, a glass, like literally a glass, it’s always half-empty. But glasses have little to do with real life. The way we see how full is the glass is too simplified to be considered a way we see life.

  1. How do you choose an outfit before leaving?

I dress so that I feel comfortable, but I also tend to choose clothes that are appropriate for the occasion.

  1. It is easier for me to think…

When I’m alone and there is nothing or no one else to interrupt my thoughts.

  1. It is easier for you to learn through ...

Practice is the easiest, the best and the most attractive way to learn something new, I believe.

  1. Your hobby:

Cooking. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and I’m looking forward to turning it into business.

  1. How much time do you need to clean up in the morning?

I’ve never counted it actually. It depends on if I’m doing only that or some hundred other things in between.

  1. Which of these images is best for you?

Haha… Undercover agent, I like that one. Many people say I can easily find out any “secret” information I need if I’m interested enough about it. I like to believe it’s true.

  1. Which of these concerns seem to you the most difficult?

Family and anything that has to do with them is my most difficult and my biggest concern always.

  1. Which people attract you more: those who are older than you, or those who are younger?

If we are talking about romantic attraction, my answer would definitely be “by those who are older”. And by older I don’t mean 15 or 20 or 30 years plus. Just a couple of years is fine. I can’t remember if I have ever been attracted by someone younger than me. I’m not being judgmental. It’s just the age difference I am the most comfortable with.

  1. Which of these things do you want the most?

I already have some of them, thankfully. And right now, I’m not sure which one to choose: forget the past or go back and change some things. Which one would be better? I don’t know if it is better, but it is certainly more real – forgetting the past.

  1. Does the end justify the means?

In most cases no, absolutely not. But there are some cases when “the means” are some personal sacrifices of ours and in those cases I can agree that the end justifies them. But if the means include hurting other people and going over dead bodies, than a big no. So, it depends on the situation.

  1. Which of these questions do you like to discuss the most?

Politics is a topic I tend to avoid in conversations as it can be very controversial and cause quarrels. Fashion and philosophy have never been my interest, so those are not topics I would choose to discuss either. I would rather choose some important sport game or even a gossip.

  1. What do you think holds you back in life?

The fact that I often get upset and nervous, even for trivial things. And that is something I have to learn how to change.

  1. What do you feel when you see a homeless?

Pity. And I usually need a long time to forget their sad eyes and the unfortunate situation this person is into.

  1. How good have you been feeling lately?

Very good, thanks. Hope you felt good as well.

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Dec 31, 1969
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