Slowly but Surely
I know everyone cannot love me, as I cannot love everyone, but I appreciate a lot when people show respect to each other.

Question Analysis for July 24

  1. Choose your favorite number: 

 It has always been, for no reason.

2. What can you usually see in patterns?

I’m not sure I get this question well… Or I don’t see any of those things in patterns. A thing, that would be my answer.

  1. My vector, the word that most describes me ...

Revolt. People who know me well can confirm that I can’t stand injustice and that I do not please with “it’s just how it is”. I always ask for a reasonable explanation and a logical reason why I should do something or why I should accept something. I often come into conflicts over this and many people consider me hostile and intolerant.

  1. I'm waiting for...

For bigger stability in a couple of areas, I could say.

  1. My philosophy, life is ...

The path of each. And we shouldn’t try to influence other people’s path as if it was ours – each one of us has the right to choose his own way.

  1. My concerns, it is important for me to be ...

…taken seriously in the first place. Some concerns may be unjustified or exaggerated, but they should all be taken seriously and revised before being said to be “nonsense”.

  1. My weaknesses, it's hard for me to cope with...

Mostly with anger. My anger can boost in a second, burn up everything around me and leave me burnt out within a few minutes. Not good at all.

  1. My principles, I think that:

Everyone should do what they want unless it harms and hurts other people. Everyone has the right to choose what is good and what is bad for themselves.

  1. My values, what do I want from life?

To live in a peaceful, favorably situated world. That is something that does not depend on the individual only and cannot be easily obtained. Family, love, that is something equally important, but also something we can create and earn ourselves.

  1. Is it important for you what other people think about you?

Less and less each day. I guess it’s part of the getting mature process, realizing what are the important things in life. Still, I do care a lot about the opinion my loved ones have about me. So, “sometimes” would be the best answer.

  1. What position do you usually take?

It depends on the situation, but I’m usually the loner, though I can take the leader position in some rare moments.

  1. What is most important to you?

Respect. I know everyone cannot love me, as I cannot love everyone, but I appreciate a lot when people show respect to each other. Love is a matter of feelings, and we can’t really control them. But respect is a matter of etiquette and humanity. Freedom would close my top 3 list.

  1. What are your friends talking about behind your back?

Well, those kinds of talks are barely part of any behind-the-back talk. If they are, then you have pretty good friends. Personally, I don’t have time for their empty talks, not anymore.

  1. What do you think is your biggest mistake?

Believing people too much and thinking everyone means good to me. I’m not talking just about friends, but people in general. But I’m learning. Slowly but surely.

  1. What attracts you in loneliness?

The fact that I can think and reconsider everything that bothers me in calm and find the best solution without being pressured by the environment and pushed into making a precipitated and often wrong move.

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Dec 31, 1969
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