A Dream Job
Sometimes your personal qualities are much more needed than professional.

We all need a job to make money and live a comfortable life. Should it be an unloved boring job? Not at all, we all have a different understanding of having a dream job. Let's find yours!


Carefully analyze your hobbies.

Sometimes the job of your dream is near, but you don't see it. First of all, you have to check your hobbies. Because usually in your spare time between job and home things you could see something you really enjoy. Try to think about how you can transfer your hobby into work. It is not obligatory to sell the goods of your hobby. You can teach if your level is good enough, or you can consult other people, at the end you might work for a company in that area.


Remind your childhood pastime.

Our childhood is the sincerest and honest period of our life. That would be a bit stupid not to remind childhood for finding a dream job. If you have problems with reminding your child hobbies, ask your parents. They definitely remember a lot.  


How to use that knowledge? Make a line between what you liked back then and the real profession. For example, you loved to care about animals. Maybe working in a vet clinic is for you! Or you loved to help your grandma with pies, well, a chief profession is waiting for you.


Try more jobs.

You won't get a dream job, without trying. Apply for new interesting opportunities, don't step back! It is well-known that a rolling stone gets no moss. Use every opportunity to be happy going to work every day.


Career guidance tests.

Sometimes it is really hard to understand what you like and what you don't. Here those tests would be a perfect thing to do. The simple variation is to do an online test. There are many free versions. However, you might need a deeper scanning, so try a full version with psychologist consultation.



Professional growing is always in collaboration with personal up growth. Sometimes your personal qualities are much more needed than professional.

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Dec 31, 1969
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