How important is Ethics?
A person only becomes a good professional when he is ethical.

Ethics are the moral principles that shape the behavior of an individual. Ethics is more or less concerned with the philosophy of segregating the right from the wrong. Basically, a person is said to be ethical if he conducts his activities on his moral grounds.

Ethics is practiced in all professions. It can be engineering, medical field, financial sectors, and any other sector. A person without good ethical values is still a professional but you can't call him an ethical professional. In fact, a person only becomes a good professional when he is ethical.

Here, we are not going to talk about ethics as a professional prerequisite. Instead, we are going to talk about the importance of ethics in life. By life, I mean all the dimensions of life. It can be about being ethical with yourself, within your family, society, country or the world.


Case study

You work in a hospital as a doctor. The hospital has briefed all the doctors to do more and more checkups and prescribe the most expensive medicines than what is required. The doctor gets a commission of a certain percentage for the patient's checkups and medicines.

A new patient comes to you who is a small child suffering from issues with his nervous system. His family has already spent a lot of money on the child's diagnosis. Now, you already know the disease but because you get the certain commission you still recommend all the high-fi tests and prescribe the most expensive medicines without bothering about the family's financial conditions.


The question comes here, "Are you an ethical doctor?" 

In the above example, the doctor is still a professional because he has successfully diagnosed the patient, but he is more concerned about the commission and this is what separates an ethical professional from a non-ethical professional.

In gist, ethics is not just about your profession or yourself it is also about how your behavior affects other people. Ethics set up and form the personality of people.

I think Japanese are the most ethical and disciplined people in the world. That is because they have been raised up in that manner. In schools, they are assigned to clean their classrooms and the restrooms to make them feel about their responsibilities. This way, they grow up into a responsible and ethical adult.


Did you know?

During FIFA World Cup, the Japanese football team cleaned all the wastes that the fans had made on the ground in their match. This action was praised all over the world.

People with strong morality and ethics are loved by people everywhere. It is important for your own self-esteem as well as self-image. So, abide by it to for a better reflection of yourself on yourself. Ethics is extremely important!

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Dec 31, 1969
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