A Life Audit
We do have a lot of wishes, however, we are not resolved to say them even to ourselves.

Are you afraid of changing your life? I will tell you how to cheat a bit and get the life you want!


A lot of people are afraid of changing their lives because they have stable and good job, family, vacation abroad twice a year and probably for many people such life would be an amazing gift from the heaven. However, there is some kind of lack of implementation for you. Probably, you dreamt about other life. You wanted to become an entrepreneur or an artist, but it is so illogical to leave a well-paid perspective job for a startup.


Well, you are not alone. Here I will tell you a few ways to change your life, but those ways are effective for long-thinkers and logical people. It won't change your life right now, but in perspective, it is a very good exercise.


A Life Audit.


Sometimes it is a helpful exercise for everyone, even if you do not want to change your life completely. We all live by scenarios: get up, shower, breakfast, work and so on. However, we do have spare time. Sometimes we set our priorities wrong and feel like we are missing something, so this audit will be helpful.


Exercise 1.


This exercise will help to realize how you spread your energy. This way us used by psychologist a lot when they work with kids, but it is also effective for adults.


We will need paper and 10 colorful pencils.


Write down a list with 10 points (quantity and names can be corrected):

  • What's around me
  • Who's around me
  • Feelings
  • Health and sport
  • Family and kids
  • Work and money
  • Hobby and development
  • Why do I live
  • Happiness of life
  • Own master


Near each point write a number so that in total you will get 100 points.

Turn a list and start to draw proportionally. Mark each point with different color so that you could see what place each point takes in your life.


What will it give?

  1. You will see visually what is too much in your life and what you need to raise.
  2. Choosing color is your attention to this sphere of your life - the colorful point is talking about happiness and dark color means dissatisfaction.
  3. Location of each sphere matters too. In upper left angle are placed the most important points for you, in downright angle there are less important ones.


Exercise 2.


Sometimes we think that everyday life stops us from our grant wishes. We do have a lot of wishes, however, we are not resolved to say them even to ourselves. Would you like to check that?


Take a piece of paper, pen, and a timer.


On the one side of the paper mark as "I need". Time 2 minutes and write what needs to be done unstoppably.


Turn over the paper and mark this side as "I want". Time 2 minutes and do the same, write all your wishes.


I bet the second one was harder to write. Though it is very important to exercise since it helps to concentrate on wishes.


Replenish the second side from time to time and make your dreams come true!

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Dec 31, 1969
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