How To Deal With Strangers
The first impression is the best impression.

Strangers! Danger! Is a stranger a danger? Really? No way. Do you agree? Please don’t. I think it’s an amazing thing to talk to strangers.

A stranger is a person who is totally unknown to you or whom you have never met before and not close enough.

Has it ever happened to you that you saw a person who is an absolute stranger and you want to know more about them? Of course, I’m sure it must have happened to you. Talking to a stranger can be nerve-wracking; usually people think it is very difficult to start a conversation with a new one. But I don’t think so. It can also be fun to get to know somebody you don’t know.

Let’s start with some tips on how to deal with strangers:

  • The best time to start a conversation is when you are next to someone who is not moving. We know that “the first impression is the best impression”. So when you start a conversation with a new one or a stranger you should start politely thus he/she can remember you for a long time.
  • You can start talking by making eye contact. Hold eye contact for less than two seconds. Then put your hands forward for a handshake and introduce yourself by telling your name. This person will also respond to you.
  • You can examine a person’s body language. If he/she is listening towards you and interested in conversation with you, then you can build the conversation and also make sure that it is meaningful.
  • It may be awkward if you start a conversation with a very personal question, so start slowly by making small talk.
  • To learn more about the person, you can ask an open-ended question. Compliment gives a man better feelings and makes him more open to talking. Say something pretty which you like about this person.
  • Try to disclose a little about yourself. Talking about yourself will encourage another person to be open.
  • You must avoid touching the person you’ve just met. If you stand too close, the person may also feel uncomfortable, so you should be careful to a stranger.
  • If someone gives you short, one-word answer or pays no attention to you, then you should close the conversation by thanking the person for his time. And move away from him.


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