Polite Conversation
Tolerance of other opinion is very important to have a polite conversation.

Being polite is very important in conversation because it makes a good impression. Speaker’s value can be measured by the polite conversation. When a person maintains politeness while talking to another person, it is called polite conversation which can help to deal with the person easily and smoothly. The polite conversation should be maintained with strangers and with children and there are some rules to be polite in a conversation. People should know which topics to discuss and which topics to avoid in the conversation.

First of all, the topic should be interesting, casual, light and informative. Controversial and political topics should be avoided in a polite conversation. People can talk about the weekend picnic, about any informative news article and about an interesting book. Also, small talks can sometimes be polite.

Secondly, another opinion should be listened, given the priority and tolerated even if the opinions are not correct. An opinion should not be judged. If people do not tolerate any other opinion, the conversation may be argumentative and it may go controversial which will no longer be a polite conversation. So, tolerance of other opinion is very important to have a polite conversation.

Compliment giving and receiving are also important in a polite conversation. When a husband and a wife talk, their children listen to them carefully, observe and follow them. If a husband and a wife do not give and receive a compliment for each other’s work, children cannot learn to compliment. For example, a husband should give a compliment when his wife cooks something new for them. Also, the wife should give a compliment when her husband starts a new business or gets a promotion.

Lastly, rude behavior should be avoided in polite conversation. With family members, with a neighbor, with strangers or even with children, rude behavior always should be avoided. Talking and listening should be balanced in conversation because if someone always talks it looks like all others are listeners and that person is a speaker, but in conversation, everyone should talk and listen.

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Dec 31, 1969
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