Emotional leadership and how to raise it. Part 2
Is it possible to raise EQ?


The scientists are thinking that it is possible and does not depend on your age. Emotional development is possible by trainings, reading books, work with mentors or seminars.


It is very helpful to understand your emotions. Sometimes it is hard to describe that's why one of the first things you should do is to have emotional diary. Describe there all events during the day and give to every action emotion mark. There are no bad or good emotions, don't be afraid to mark anger or fear. Much more effective way to know your emotions than trying to overwhelm them.

After you start to recognize your emotions you have to ask yourself why you feel it actually. If it is negative emotion, try to make it neutral and calm yourself down.


6 styles of emotional leadership



Mostly they require the work to be done in the second and now. Explaining their decisions they might simply say "because I said so". They intend to achieve results by any available way, no matter if that's effective or irrational right now. They are also very initiative and have a high control over employees. This kind of leader is ideal for crisis situations when you need everything done perfect and now.



These kinds of heads are describing their ideas and make employees want to achieve them. They inspire people around. They are confident, have a good sense of empathy and want to change everything. This kind of leader needs to company in case of stagnation, when it is time for new ideas and creativity.



The main motto for them is "staying human". They intend to be friends with everyone, compliment your dog's photo on working place and ask how is the kids. Partners are the best empaths, they know how to talk to everyone, they are friendly and have a lot of contacts. This kind of leader is good for not cohesive team.



Those leaders include the employees to working process. They are into reunion of the team. They always ask the employees' opinion about their decisions. They make brain storms regularly. This style is good for raising loyalty to company.


Role model

Leaders are showing how it is necessary to work and expect purposefulness from them. They are looking for results and initiative. This kind is the best for raising a professional team with right motivation.



Those leaders are preparing employees to achieve the aims right now. They like to see the raising of employees, ask employees to implement changes and analyze a lot. This kind of management stimulates to raise individuality and raising productivity.


Emotional leadership is necessary for any kind of leader and you are able to grow it up!

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Dec 31, 1969
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