You and society
If you know that you are being truthful, then always stand by your words.

Question Analysis for July 18


  1. What touches you the most?


Love. I can categorize love in both strength and weakness, only 15-20% of people in this world remain cold towards all emotions. But the remaining are prone to sensitiveness and so am I.


  1. Which animal can predict a bad future?


I suppose the dog does. We all know the fact that animals can sense and smell something which is beyond our vision. They do understand the changes in the surrounding environment before we do.


  1. What is worse?


Anything which human cannot tolerate can be worse. Amongst the given scenarios falling in a snake pit can be the worst thing and being buried alive can second the list. Only in these two situations we see and take the pain of death.


  1. Which of these words seems closer to you?


Self-sacrifice is an opposite word to describe me. People might assume that this girl is praising herself but in reality, I'm being honest. I always crave to see happiness in others and I’m my least priority.


  1. What is your biggest weakness?


Shopping. I don’t know why I always go crazy while shopping and spend more than I have actually planned for.


  1. Most of all you try not to:


Succumb to anger. As much as I’d love to keep people happy, I often end up falling for anger. I’m very short-tempered due to which people forget my good deeds. I strive hard not to get into anger mode as it is causing damage to myself.


  1. During an argument you:


If I’m wrong, I will admit it without extending the argument and if I’m not, then I will make sure the same has been understood by the opponent.


  1. With pleasure, you:


I don’t really try to go out and spend time with others. I like quiet surroundings and hence I keep myself occupied with self-cognition classes and I teach myself.


  1. If you are given an important assignment, you:


Whatever be the reason, I have got the task to do anyway, then why waste time loitering in our thoughts? Just go ahead and complete the task properly. That's the only way I react to such situations.


  1. In my eyes, I’m:


Observant and understanding the essence of things. Along with that, I work hard to get my job done. My suggestion is to understand people and their behavior, but do not let them have a say in your performance.


  1. You and society:


I never believe in society and their loyalty. I always listen to everyone but only share very little about myself. That doesn’t mean I will gossip about others though. I hate being a carrier of secrets.


  1. To feel in the right place, you need to:


Whatever you do in life, always give your best and do the right thing. If you know that you are being truthful, then always stand by your words.


  1. To feel like a full-fledged person, you try to be:


Calm and self-controlled all the time. These two characteristics will help you a lot to analyze your surroundings and other people. When you know what is expected from you or rather what the other person is up to, then I’m sure you can be the upper hand in any situation.


  1. Cross out one of these feelings from your life:


Pride and Envy. These negative emotions are the primary reason for anyone’s destruction. Stay away as far as possible to avoid downfall and also to be successful in life.


  1. Most of all you listen to your mind or heart?


Depends on the situation. Both can never be true all the time. Either one of it will go wrong for sure. So be wise and listen according to your requirement.

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Dec 31, 1969
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