Work as An Island and Grow As a Country
Form yourself into an island with good qualities and turn into a country where you and many others will walk by helping one another.

Requisite measures are necessary for achieving your set goals in life. Levels of your failures and the strength of your success help you to gain fair realizations in life. No one wins at the first try, the very first attempt is your beginning towards conquering what you want. It feels awesome to achieve something you have always dreamed of and it feels amazing to know that you had to help hands that didn’t let you hit the ground.

Your supportive and encouraging ones are your most priceless possession, if not for working together with them you won’t walk on that path of happiness that you have gone so far on. An Island doesn’t give up because it is smaller compared to a country, it doesn’t give up to grow beauty in every corner of its land, it grows and grows every single day looking more radiant. This example is so similar to us. When we dream of something big, we get scared, we get a doubt whether we will be able to achieve it, and then we see many others who have the exact dream, and they are doing pretty well. This is where most of us back off, we quickly let the word inferior scare and discourage our entire mind.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Does this happen to us unknowingly? Within a fraction, the speed of our willpower slows down in an awful way. I am not sure if it happens to all, but it does happen to many. The minute you see a person growing well in the same profession you are in your panic within thinking ‘Will I be able to reach that height of success someday” and so on. You should be even more motivated towards reaching the highest level. Don’t pressure yourself with destructive thoughts, instead put pressure to keep going but never to pause. Try to improvise your existing ideas and if possible try to learn from that person or people in the same field. Train yourself to learn.

Learning helps to grow and receive adequate and proper techniques that will greatly be helpful for your success story. When you allow yourself to explore and experiment on your targets by using proper advice, enhancing and updating the information given by experienced experts, you will naturally leave roaring and flourishing footprints wherever you go. Form yourself into an island with good qualities and turn into a country where you and many others will walk by helping one another not competing by supporting rather than trampling and crushing each other to reach the winning line.

Our perspective thoughts and ways have positive and negative effects. The choice is solely yours.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” and “If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else”, two powerful yet humble sounding quotes I found on Google.

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Dec 31, 1969
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