How to boost self-confidence to the right level?
We always try to lower ourselves, but others can have the same fears.

Low self-confidence might spoil your life so fast and so easily that you even don't get what wrong did you do. How to fight that feeling and start a new life? Let's find it out.


Why do we feel uncertain?


There are a lot of reasons for that including ourselves and people around us. Self-confidence is growing with us. If we meet wrong people or our parents pointed only negative sides in us it sticks. However, the most common reason is bad understanding of ourselves.


How to get through and fight the confidence?


There's no only one recipe, but you can start with some and find out if it works for you.



Physical activity is one of the ways to get through insecurity. First of all, there're a lot of options, second, you always make your own little wins on the way to competitions. Moreover, regular exercises help to produce dopamine which is the hormone of happiness.



If sport is not for you, try to find another hobby. Especially if your job is something you do for money, not for pleasure. Hobbies can open us a door to happiness and satisfaction and lead us to real success.


Talk to people.

The best way to get over insecurity is to find it in others. For example, the guy is going home through the dark street and sees another guy. Most luckily the heartbeat would increase and the guy would be scared, but another guy might have the same feelings. We always try to lower ourselves, but others can have the same fears. Talking to a lot of people might help you in realizing that.



It is enough to have at least an hour a day to be successful. If you stuck on the same level of knowledge, it would be harder to get your self-esteem to a higher level as well.


Hopefully, you find the right option for yourself.

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Dec 31, 1969
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