Keep it secret
No one knew about it except my boss.

Most probably it is 2.00 or 3.00 a.m. I can’t see anything. I am trying to discover my glasses. After searching for a few minutes, I realize that I am not in my bed. Within a second I remember my past few moments.

I was going home from the office. I was thinking about the program. I tried for more than 10 times to run it successfully. If I succeed, then the whole country would be benefited. I made new software due to which we will be able to find the criminals. Now you can say, how is it possible?

That’s the creak of Google satellite in real-time. If we can track the criminals or victims’ location and time. Then it would be easier to catch the criminal.  By using my program, we can go to the spot and see the crime and by following the culprit we might be able to catch him/her. But unfortunately, it was not working on the second day. 

After running the program, I called my boss to my room and showed it to him. No one knew about it except my boss. My boss was my idol. He told me not to say about this invention to others.

So I stood against my mind and didn’t tell my best friend. Actually, that was my best friend’s idea. But as my boss ordered to keep it secret, I kept his word.  

Suddenly, someone opened the door. A boy entered the room and then, for the first time I saw the full room. It’s a morgue!  Now I keep my eye on the boy, actually I cannot take the pain because that was my little brother, and he was crying and asking my body: “Who did it to you and why?”

Now it is crystal clear to me, a car ran over me and now I know that the car was driven by my boss.

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Dec 31, 1969
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