I am happy to be what I am
God gave me time to awake and be conscious about the future.

I would like to talk about the most important lesson I learned in my life. Actually, it's hard to describe only one lesson of my life. I am that kind of boy who is irresponsible. That’s why I have to pay a lot. In order to hide my irresponsibility often I used to lie to people. Further, I became used to telling lie to everyone. Unfortunately, every time my lies become the truth to all. Day by day I realized that if I do not stop this, it would cost a lot. So I decided to be a responsible person and started to tell the truth.

It was very difficult to get rid of such kind of bad habit. I started to reduce talking about unnecessary things. I started to improve my skills and ability in my job sector and other interests like playing football regularly. That makes me physically fitter.

Now you can say, that you wanted to hear a story about the lesson I learned from.

Believe it or not, I did so many illegal things but never got caught or I simply managed to escape instantly if I got caught. But most of the time I tried to do something, which is good for people. Intentionally, I never wanted to lose people, even if these people were my enemies. That’s why I think God gave me time to awake and be conscious about the future. When I have time for myself, I try to find out the things I lack and remedies for them. One by one eliminating them. But the list of my lacks is so big. It is possible that you will have to amend your character until your death. But I am happy to be what I am.

Finally, I am too much grateful to my creator and I will never want to go against him.

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Dec 31, 1969
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