Emotions with Eternity
Emotions are a combined package of surprise and happiness in our lives.

Emotions are one of the essentials of life events. Emotions can be different in different scenarios in different phases of life from which they have gone through. It can be joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger and anticipation. People had surely dealt with all or any of these emotions in their life at least once. All these emotions depending on the surrounding of the individuals and other’s emotions can affect ours. If we are always surrounded by joy emotions, we feel joy in our life. But if people are surrounded by sad emotions they feel low in their life. It all depends on the scenario of our surroundings.


Whereas eternity is an unending process which helps to hold the emotions to your heart and mind.  The emotions which we create and admit to our life hold for a long time. So, if people admire their happiness and keep faith in life on the good emotions which help people to live life with full enjoyment, eternity keeps holding these emotions to the mind for a long time of period. Eternity is kind of good and bad perspective. It all depends on the perception of the emotions by our mind and emotions in our life. If we admire the good emotions, it helps to us make our life easy and good going, whereas if we admit the bad emotions or life, it makes the life so much complicated because bad things cannot help people to move on in life. So, it is better for people to have segregation of the good and bad eternity of emotions in their life.


‘The Phases of emotions’

The different phases of emotions reflect the different sentiments of people. Some of the different phases of emotions in life are:


  • Joy

If people are in joy, enjoying their family and friends company, they reflect the emotions of joy. It helps them to create good moments in their life.


  • Trust

Trust is the most important factor of emotions in life. Almost all relations depend on the trust between two individuals. Trust is like a glass, once it is broken, it cannot be the same again.


  • Fear

Fear is a kind of emotion which gives some negative and alert sensation to our mind and body which help us to get aware of the upcoming danger in our life.


  • Surprise

One of the most admiring emotions in people’s life. People love a surprise in their life. It gives them a warm welcome sensation and makes their life full of energy.


  • Sadness

It is the only emotion which any of the individuals do not want in their life. Nobody wants to feel sad in their life.


  • Anger

The emotion which cannot be controlled in time, which then destructs many emotions of the individual. Anger control is very important in people’s life. If you can control your anger, you can control any emotion in your life.


Therefore, emotions are a combined package of surprise and happiness in our lives and a reaction to life and happening events. They are everlasting in memory, so they cannot be forgotten. If a person gets stuck with sad emotions he has to deal with them.


So, we have to make our life full of good emotions with eternity, which help us to live life healthier and make our emotions strong.

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Dec 31, 1969
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