Benefits of Writing
Writing will give you a second chance to think over the damage done by your emotion.

The writing which I’m talking about today is not about writing an essay or story. I'm talking about writing down your inner feelings. Yes, you all have read it right. We will drift into this topic now to understand the significance of this great practice.


Writing is all about making a note of everything that is going on in your mind. A few people would love to write down every moment in their life, both good and bad. A certain group of people may oppose this, but still, it is really a good practice.


It is not necessary for us to understand our feelings or emotions immediately at the very same moment. Most of us wouldn’t understand them. So, later when you start writing down everything one by one, you will actually start analyzing each and every second of that day. Writing down every emotion will make you a better person. I will tell you how.


Usually, we end up quarreling with our loved ones, fighting with our boss at work, spending for unnecessary stuff, shouting at our kids, taking drastic and regretful decisions. We often do these things in our life. A split-second loss of emotional control can make our life miserable. Writing will give you a second chance to think over the damage done by your emotion. Life may not give you the second chance sometimes because you never really go back and think about it. Writing will surely give you another chance to reduce the damage or even rectify it in some cases. This is a major comfort.


Another important thing is if there is an issue or an unresolved emotional pain which is lying in your subconscious mind and does not let you be at peace, then writing can help you resolve such emotional conflicts with your mind. Write down your issue and read it aloud. Does this sound silly? It is not. When you write down your problem and read it aloud, again and again, your conscious mind will start reliving that experience all over again. Doing so will make your mind think about how to resolve the issue. So, my dear family, writing will help you in crucial aspects of life.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”Maya Angelou

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Dec 31, 1969
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