Relaxation, joy, cheerfulness
Holidays are a great opportunity to spend more quality time with people you love and get close to each other.

Question Analysis for July 10

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” – Earl Wilson.

  1. During vacation, you are usually:

Happy. Happy for the amount of time I have for my family and for myself, happy for the possibility to see wonderful places, happy to enjoy life.

  1. You associate holiday with:

From those here, mostly with the sun. Otherwise, I don’t relate holiday to objects or buildings, but to feelings: relaxation, joy, cheerfulness…

  1. Tourists move around mostly:

Of course, it depends on where they are. I’m going on foot whenever it is possible as this is the best way to explore the place, but I know a lot of people that cannot imagine their vacation without a car, and others that use the same transport as locals (metro is fast and inexpensive, if available). Still, I’m going to choose “on foot”.

  1. If a tourist asks you where the subway is, you will:

I will simply explain them with words and gestures at the same time. I can’t use only one of those!

  1. Tourists are more likely to be welcomed:

Tourists are usually welcomed warmly. As for me, this comprises the part with the helping as well. I have been in a situation as a tourist where the locals pretended they don’t understand English and refused to give me simple directions to a nearby place or help me find some product in the store. Those things certainly don’t leave a good impression.

  1. If you were the president of the country, what would be the benefits for tourists?

Honestly, I think it wouldn’t be fair to locals to give tourists free hotel, or even more, free dinner, free products in stores or free transport. What is more, some people make a living in this industry. In fact, I believe all those “measures” will have more negative than positive effects on tourism in my fictional country.

About the free entry/exit, I think this is not actually an issue in most countries. So, the only option that has left is free calls to their countries. Though, again, there is free internet…

  1. Most people go on holiday to:

In my region, the most usual and frequent choice is Turkey, as it is the closest destination. People from other countries have different common destinations, so the winner will be a matter of who has most advisors close to itself…

  1. Which sea would you like to swim in?

Mexico sounds excellent!

  1. If you come on holiday, you must:

Trying local cuisine is a must for me. This will present you the real spirit of the country and the people, and you will see more than you would with just visiting the most famous attractions. Personally, I enjoy trying new food and can’t really understand people who refuse to open their senses and eat the same 3 meals wherever they go (and they can have it home as well).

  1. Holiday is better to spend with:

I would choose family, partner, friends, in that order. Holidays are a great opportunity to spend more quality time with people you love and get close to each other.

  1. Relaxation:

… is pleasant.

  1. If a crowd of tourists arrives in your country, you will advise them:

With reference to question number 9, I would suggest them to go to some restaurant and try the local specialties.

  1. On vacation the most extreme entertainment is:

What’s “dinner in heaven” supposed to mean?! I would say those flying activities are the most extreme, but I will give my vote to diving with sharks as I think this is the most popular extreme activity for tourists.

  1. The most unpleasant thing on vacation:

For me, the worst things that can happen during vacation are illness and losing one’s documents, especially if in a foreign country. And from those listed here, problems with checking in the hotel is the situation I would like to experience the least.

  1. When you go on holiday to sunny countries, the main thing is not to forget:

A hat. Then a sunscreen and sunglasses. But even if you forget something, don’t worry. You can always buy some there.

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Dec 31, 1969
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