JOY - the ultimate happiness
Only the seeker of natural beauty can have the joy properly.

Joy, Pleasure, Delight, Cheer – all of us may know these words somehow. They are our daily companions. But, have we ever imagined how important they are in our life? How are they combined with us? Maybe the answer is “no”. But, if we rewind back to some of our recent joyous past, we can feel the sense of elation, happiness, perhaps even exhilaration. We might often experience sudden spike due to something good happening. All these can be defined as “joy”. And in our real life, joy is so important that we don’t even have time for its definition other than enjoying it. 


“Joy” is often compared to “Happiness”. People feel joyous in their extreme happy moments (sometimes exaggerated). For example, enjoying a vacation in nature, having a day-long party with friends, getting a long-desired job, meeting with a family after such a long time or the feelings of first-time fatherhood. All these extreme happy moments pin joy inside us.


Sometimes it is to be said that, only the seeker of natural beauty can have the joy properly. See, any kind of happiness in life is shortly timed. All the eternal beauty must fade once. But the beauty of nature never fades. So those who find joy in nature, never become unhappy. In that case, a true poet leads the most joyous life. And a joyous person never feels depressed. So the psychologist suggests a depressed person take a journey, make lots of friends, have an adventure in nature. That’s all you need for refreshment and all your depressions will be gone.


At present, the harsh truth is, the field of joy is getting narrowed. It was once a time when people managed enough time for their family and friends. But, now the virtualization deemed the real joy. People involved in an unreal world, find pleasure there but end up depressed, when they have no time, no joy and most importantly not enough money. Think once, what if we manage some time for others, give them their value; what if we manage time for nature? Trust me, you will find the real joy there.

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Dec 31, 1969
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