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Dear friends!

In the near future, we will present to your attention a new Pick Your Favorite tournament!

The tournament will be held in several stages until the winner is revealed. The duration of one stage will be 3 hours. Only two participants who have fulfilled the conditions of participation take part in the tournament.

About the rules of the tournament:

  1. Those who want to participate in the tournament, you should answer three questions of the blitz debate and pay a participation fee of $10.
  2. As soon as two participants of the tournament who have fulfilled the conditions of participation are revealed, a three-hour vote will start. All registered users of the website can vote for the answers they like. The participant of the tournament, who gets more votes, goes to the next stage and the total amount of contributions, i.e. $20, is credited to his account. The user who loses in the voting is eliminated from the competition. The second stage of the tournament will take place if within the next three hours another participant who wants to take part in the competition and who fulfilled all the conditions of participation will be determined. The fee for participation in the second stage of the tournament will be equal to the amount of contributions of both participants of the first stage of the competition.
  3. If the next participant is not determined within the next three hours after the end of voting and after the next winner is identified, the tournament is declared completed, and the winner takes the amount of contributions credited to his account.

Hurry up and participate in Pick Your Favorite tournament!


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