5 typical mistakes of a new freelancer
Free work is not appreciated at all.

Lately it is more and more popular to be a freelancer than a white-collar at the office. It looks perfect to work whenever you like, to take the work you like and get paid as much as you want. However, the reality isn't so perfect. Sometimes you have to work even more than in the office, sometimes you had to work on stupid orders. But the main problem is to get paid in time and as much as you agreed.


Here are 5 typical mistakes which freelancers make:


  1. I am an imposter.

If you do not have a lot of experience, portfolio and good references you feel yourself not comfortable enough to ask money for the job you probably won't do as fast as and as qualitative as a professional will. However, that's why you may lower the price of your work, but it never has to be for free! Free work is not appreciated at all. Moreover, this customer will probably expect great quality and for free.


  1. It is not big money.

Yes, you take a small payment but you have to get it in advance! I am in another city, my card is blocked and so on. Those aren't enough good reasons to do a free job.


  1. Urgent!

If it is urgent, then the customer should pay in advance. Can you imagine you are in an urgent situation? You would probably ask friends or family to pay or go to the ATM at 2 am because you need it urgently! So, it is never an excuse to pay after.  


  1. We already worked together.

Also not a great point to trust. Be professional, don't let your working scheme fail for one customer, as there are always others like that in line.


  1. I had to take the risk.

No, you had not. Yes, so simple.


In addition, in my experience the best customers are those who don't argue about the price, scheme of your work. And yes, they exist. Yes, in reality. Again according to my experience, I started to follow my working scheme, so right customers come to me.

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Dec 31, 1969
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