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, our participant from Uzbekistan and veteran of DB Advisors, takes the leadership of the Majority Results with a coefficient of 8.05. She is followed by  whose coefficient was 7.94 is slightly behind the opponent and takes the third place.


 (5.82) showed the best average result for the last debate day. The difference of coefficients was 0,0114 points. Participant from Colombia  (5,7940), whose career on the website is little more than four months, takes the second place with a difference of 0.0159 points. And the top-3 list is closed by  from Bangladesh (5,8280) with a coefficient of 0.0181.


, a relative beginner who is with us only 127 days, with a coefficient of 9,287 takes the first place for the last debate day in Supreme ranking. She is also followed by  from Colombia, a beginner with 111-day-experience, who scored a coefficient of 9,224. His compatriot  takes the third place, scoring 8.985 points.


Representatives of Colombia for the last debate of the day took top-3 places in Everest ranking.  took the first place scoring 8.165 points. This is an excellent result for 138 days of participation.  was on the second place with a score of 8.050 coefficient. , scoring 8.006 coefficient, was a little behind him and thus took the third place in the ranking.


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