Being in Love
Being in love with the right person brings about various sides you didn’t know existed in you.

I have been touched and deeply moved by something that’s been shared with me today. I thought girls and guys today need it the most and found no other platform better than this to share.


I think love starts within loving yourself. You need to embrace who you are, be confident in yourself, love your flaws & talents before you can let someone else in. Only then you will be strong enough to defend yourself even when somebody points their finger at you. Again don’t be proud of your bad habits – instead try to change yourself.


When you meet the love of your life, it is not about the appearance (if it is about appearance then that is attraction/lust). It is about the connection, instant bond and being more than one hundred percent comfortable around them in such a short time as if you have known them forever. This usually happens that people trust you when you meet your soul mate. Your souls get connected instantly and an invisible trust is built.


Being in love with the right person brings about various sides you didn’t know existed in you. It can be any, like all positive sides. Being with the right person helps you grow as a person and they help you achieve your goals. Being with such people is an asset that gives you immense support in times of need. The right person would always help you correct your flaws and show the right path to attain success.


Being in love should make you happy. It shouldn’t stress you out or cause you blood curdling pain. Being in love is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. So thank you my dear love for making me complete. Without you, I wouldn’t have realized the importance of life.


“The right man in your life will fly across the world to say hello, instead of saying goodbye.”

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