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According to the yesterday results,  from Colombia, scoring 6.49 coefficients, became the leader in the list of Majority Results (6.23) from Guatemala took the second place, lagging behind the leader by only 0.26 points.  from Ecuador also showed excellent results by scoring 6,06 coefficient and took the third place.


The best Average result according to the yesterday results with a difference with an average coefficient of 0.0045 points was showed by the representative of Georgian  (4.3265). The second place was taken by  (4.3206) with a difference of 0.0104 points. And  (4.3203) with a difference of 0.0107 coefficient located at the third place in the list of Average Results.


Representatives of Colombia took the first and third places in Supreme’15 ranking.  (11,702) took the first place. And  from Russia took the second place with coefficient of 11,389. Bronze medal went to  (11.387).


A very interesting situation happened in Everest’15 ranking.  and  scored almost the same coefficient. Daiwa Petunova with a coefficient of 11,278 became the leader. Davidandrew Ramirezjiménez did not have enough share of the coefficient to get the victory and took the second place in the ranking. , who took the first place in Supreme’15 ranking for June 24, took the third place in Everest’15 ranking yesterday, scoring coefficient of 11.040.


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