Being average is not that bad
...if there is just one key to success then it is the ability to understand people’s feelings and their state of mind.
  1. Tell us a little about yourself: about your professional activity, hobbies.

Academically, I am an Engineer. Professionally, I am a lecturer in Engineering. My hobbies are reading books, writing stories and public speaking.


  1. Tell us how you learned about the company and what prompted you to join our ranks?

I got information about the company from my childhood friend Shiv Puri.  I started with Classic surveys and got good ranks. Then I switched to Everest weekly package. Now, I am enjoying the Supreme monthly package too.


  1. How long have you been with us?

As of 24th June 2019, it is exactly 122 days.


  1. Did you expect to see your name in the list of winners or it was a surprise for you?

Yes, I had expected it. This was my first attempt, and I’m happy with the results.


  1. Reveal the secret: how to get into the top of the Average Ranking?

I think the secret is observation. You observe, calculate and perceive how other people would respond. So, Emotional Intelligence applies here too.


  1. For you personally, the top of which ranking is it easier to get in: Majority or Average?

I think Majority ranking is difficult because to get there you must answer almost all the questions correctly. However, the margin of error in the Average ranking is very less. So, it is not that easy to get there either.


  1. What slogan would you suggest for the UAC tournament?

“Being average is not that bad.”


  1. Have you participated in any of the DB Advisors tournaments before? If so, what were your achievements?

This is my first tournament. Honestly speaking, this is my first attempt in the UAC tournament. I got the 5th place and I’m quite happy with it.


  1. Do you advise your friends to join DB Advisors?

Yes, why not? The Classic survey is free and it is equally effective. For Everest and Supreme there are difficulties for foreign exchange here.


  1. How do you encourage them to participate?

I will explain to them the significance of Emotional Intelligence in real life. Then I will explain to them all kinds of benefits of joining DB Advisors, including the financial ones you know.


  1. How much time a day do you spend on the website?

On average, I think 3 hours. I take the debate questions and afterward, check the results. In the evening, I come back to check the articles on Emotional Review. I feel bad when I see some grammatical mistakes in the articles that I had written.


  1. Which section of our website do you visit in the first place?

I think it is ‘Emotional Review’. Because I have been writing and reading articles for over 4 months already. So, I have developed sentiments towards it. I have been both writing and learning things at the same time in this phase of life.


  1. Were you interested in emotional intelligence before visiting our website?

Yes, I had heard about EI from many experts and scholars. They would say, if there is just one key to success then it is the ability to understand people’s feelings and their state of mind. So, I was fascinated when I went through the entire website.


  1. What innovation would you be happy to see on our website?

Two things I would like to suggest here.

First of all, I think it should have features of social media. You can comment on articles, like or even dislike it and share the articles adding credentials to the authors.


After that, I would be more than happy to witness systems where you can see all kinds of your earnings and withdraw it through a banking system by yourself. That would save a lot of time and effort, I guess. People would love it, you know.


  1. What is one of the most important tips you can give to beginners?

There is nothing bad about being a beginner or learning it late. As long as you are learning regardless of the rate of learning, it is completely fine. Observe, explore and try it. That’s advice from one beginner to another beginner.

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Dec 31, 1969
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