I love summer for everything!
It doesn’t matter which month of the year it is – take the summer in your soul and you can have it year-long!

Question Analysis for June 25


  1. The main attribute of summer:

Burning sun, extremely high temperatures, and therefore, a great thirst and a lot of bottles of water needed. Still, I believe most people will choose the swimsuit or the sunglasses. My vote goes for the second one.


  1. In summer you should definitely:

Well, for most of those you will need a company, but not for eating a bunch of ice cream!


  1. In summer, together with your child you should definitely:

You can make figures with soapy hair anytime, not only in summer. The same applies to swinging your child with your hands. Watching the clouds, the sunrise and the sunset is wonderful, but flying a kite or weaving wreaths of flowers sounds like a perfect activity to have with your kids!


  1. Best summer dish:

Anything that asks for little or no cooking! I have a few “standard picks” of my own, but when it comes to the list given here, Gazpacho soup suits this criterion the best. I will have eggplants and tomatoes without the chicken, please.


  1. Choose ice cream:

I would gladly choose pistachio and caramel for me, but I’m almost 100% sure that chocolate will get a convincing win.


  1. On summer evening it is better to:

Drink a cooling drink while sitting in any comfortable chair or even on the ground, and enjoying the relaxing, magical sound of grasshoppers.


  1. Choose a summer drink:

Personally, I would skip the mojito and the mint drink, and everything else will do perfect (never heard of the Russian Mors before, but it bought me right away after I saw the ingredients!). However, I think a cold lemonade fights summer heat the best.


  1. The best summer job:

Pipe tester in a water park sounds like the perfect summer job!


  1. You love summer for:

I love summer for everything! Well, almost everything… I hate the mosquitos and all those bugs that come inside the house once you open the window. It’s my favorite season and I love it anyway, but most of all, for not having to wear tons of clothes.


  1. What vacation is better?

Any vacation that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable with. My favorite is sightseeing tours, as I don’t like to be in the very same spot for 10 continuous days (even if it was the beach), but when it comes to summer vacations, sea is the choice that people make the most often. And yes, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be good, that’s for sure!


  1. Most of all in summer you need:

Mosquito spray, please! Double the dose!


  1. You may not like summer because of:

Check out questions 9 and 11. Yes, the wicked mosquitos.


  1. The summer is a time of:

Love. All our senses are awake.


  1. What smell reigns in the air in the summer?

OK… I’ve just lost myself trying to recall all those smells and enjoyed them even when just imagining them! I still haven’t felt the smell of a lime tree in reality, but I wouldn’t mind to enjoy all the rest during the whole year! Still, melon is my favorite. Yummy!


  1. It is better to spend summer:

Family is the best place to be.

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Dec 31, 1969
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