The Unbearable Heat
It is not necessary for you to like each and every creation of God.

Question Analysis for June 25


  1. The main attribute of summer:

Summer it is. People from the West may love to wear swimsuits, go to beaches and loosen up. Surfing can be a favorite sport to many. Usually, summers are adored in other parts of the world. Now let me drift back to India and tell you all a bitter truth. Summer is the most painful season with too much heat, thus restricting people to their homes.


  1. In summer you should definitely:

A few countries like Finland etc. do celebrate festivals during summer. Riding a bike, walking all night or spending the whole day at the water park seems reasonable. However, people like me would prefer a bucket full of ice-cream over all these adventures.


  1. In summer, together with your child you should definitely:

Here we do have a summer vacation where kids stick around and play. Spending time with them itself is the greatest treasure. Keeping the temperature element in mind, I prefer playing indoor games with them or weaving wreaths. Any in-house game for that matter would be a better choice.


  1. Best summer dish:

Like I always say, I have a sweet tooth. Would there be any other option for people like me? It is obviously a dessert basket.


  1. Choose ice cream:

Chocolate and Pistachio are my favorite. My love for chocolate is a never-ending story. I’m sure many people out there would vote as ‘Aye’ towards chocolate flavor. Caramel blends well with chocolate and vanilla.


  1. On summer evening it is better to:

Since it is evening time we are talking about, sitting by the sea and enjoying cold coffee would be an appropriate option.


  1. Choose a summer drink:

Undoubtedly lemonade for me. Because of the medicinal benefits lemon has I prefer lemon juice. It reduces heat in your body and also helps you lose weight.


  1. The best summer job:

Caretaker on a tropical island. Wow, that is simply amazing and fantastic. Who wouldn’t love to get lost in such a place and spend their entire summer? You should be gracious enough to enjoy nature’s beauty.


  1. You love summer for:

Fruits. It is the season of mangoes here.


  1. What vacation is better?

Sightseeing tour is a better one because I grew up in a place where there are too many beaches. People would always spend their weekends sitting by the sea. Sea may not cause too much excitement in me, so I chose sightseeing.


  1. Most of all in summer you need:

Fruits, like I said earlier, and also shorts. One satisfies my appetite and the other cools my mind.  Summer is where people would love to wear fewer clothes as in thinner ones to enjoy the climate.


  1. You may not like summer because of:

The unbearable heat. Everything is natural and I’m positive that it happens for a reason. But it is not necessary for you to like each and every creation of God.


  1. The summer is a time of:

Productivity as a vacation can be used to learn something important for our future.


  1. What smell reigns in the air in the summer?

The smell of flowers, especially Mogra and Jasmine are very famous here during summer.


  1. It is better to spend summer:

On the islands with the family. To be with our family is the greatest gift, so whenever you have time, spend it with them.

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