How to regrow your hair?
Stress opens the gate to all the diseases.

In this first part, ‘What causes hair fall’ we talked about the causes of hair fall. In that part, I told you that ‘lack of blood circulation’ is the main reason why hair fall occurs. First of all, you need to have a good supply of nutrients to your blood which comes from a good diet. Then, your body system has to be right so that your blood carries all the essential nutrients to your head. So, in the second part, we are going to talk about 6 techniques to facilitate the circulation of blood to regrow your hair.


  1. Yoga


Yoga will help to circulate the blood into your head. There are Yoga exercises like Sirsasan (head stand), sarbanga aasan and balayam which will help to send the blood from other parts of your body to your head. These techniques will take time but will bring sustainable results. You can search about them in YouTube.


  1. Medication


This can be expensive but it is extremely important. I tried with various Ayurveda medicines but couldn't keep patience for long as I didn't observe any progress in 4-5 months. So, I went to Dermatologist, and he suggested this medicine called 'Minoxidil'. I think this is one of the main reasons for my hair regrowth. This medicine also helps in blood circulation. So, stick with one proper medication for a year unless it is having an adverse effect on you.


  1. Wet Cupping and similar techniques


You can find this technique on YouTube. According to this technique, toxic blood covers the layer below your scalp which they believe it to be DHT. So, they make small cuts in your head and suck the blood by creating a vacuum. This can be dangerous though. So, only do it if you are 100% sure about it. Use of Derma-roller, leach theory, is another technique which you can try as the alternative to this technique.


  1. Right Nutrition


So, I told you that your hair needs nutrition which comes from blood. But what if you are not getting the right nutrition? Check your diet plans and make sure you are getting the right food and nutrients to facilitate your hair regrowth. You can search on google about what foods you should eat for getting the right nutrition for hair re-growth.


  1. A healthy lifestyle


Due to our lifestyle, we have been consuming a lot of fast foods with easy calories but less nutritional values. So, stop eating too much toxic food. It leads to multiple other disease life heart stroke. It is always best to eat well-cooked foods at your home, especially if you are over 35. You save money too! So, sleep well, clean yourself well including your scalp and eat good food that is all that a healthy lifestyle means.


  1. No stress, please!


Stress opens the gate to all the diseases. Stress can even take your life. It directly hits your brain and can also damage your hair as well. It does multiple other harms. Meditate if you want to check and balance the induced stress in your life. So, my advice will be: ‘no stress please!’


There are multiple stages of baldness. If you are in your early stage of baldness you can do it and get results sooner but if you have completely lost all your frontal and crown hairs, chances are less that you’ll recover it. It feels really bad when you lose hair at an early age. So, you can try what I had done and suggested above. However, you will have to try it with patience but no expectations. Even if you don’t recover it you will have to live with it. So, accept your flaws and make it your strength.


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