Nostalgic Feelings
I was a living Indian inside a Sri Lankan.

A walk down the memory lane, a long-gone train which refills the happy meter that helps to keep you sane. Much of a cliché? No, I don’t think so… A lane of past joyful and precious memories interconnecting to each other like the boxes of a train that keep running in your heart to remind you “Yes! Those were the days! Oh, the carefree days!” That first experience of riding your bicycle on your own, waving excitedly to your daddy who left this world with his final goodbye even before you learn to tie your shoes. The schooling fun days, the secret crushes, the secret admirers, hideouts made with friends, grandma’s famous apple pie. In my story, it's seeing my grandma coming through the main gate of our school to pick me and my sister after school and to drop us back home. The wonderful snacks she brought along with her, the unforgettable memories of talking, giggling and eating at the back seat of her car still makes me feel like a little girl. Another sweet memory is where my beloved mother would surprise me when I wake up after my afternoon naps with sweet toffees hidden under my pillow. Those toffees didn’t cost much, but the memories are priceless, and it will most definitely cost me my own life if I chose to forget all of these amazing warm memories.

Sometimes they get us very emotional, especially, memories built with a person who is no more with us. The pain seems to fluctuate by these memories as we know we will never get to feel and share life with them anymore. With happiness, these nostalgic feelings bring they also bring back some flashbacks of losing something along the way by taking the decisions we have taken today. By starting a new life in another city to have better living standards and enjoy luxury, sacrificing a person you loved so much because your parents didn’t accept your relationship… These feelings are always some happiness with a pinch of sadness which ends up as bittersweet memories more often.

I compared my emotional memories, my happy memories and also the heart-breaking ones as life lessons. None of us can get everything we wish. How amazing it would have been if we could have it all, eh?

As I mentioned through my first few lines, nostalgic feelings and memories keep us connected to where we came from, what we have experienced and what we could have done to avoid the regretful situations. It teaches, it heals our tired hearts, it makes us illuminate with happiness, builds self-esteem, and shows us that there is a bigger meaning of life.

I was brought up in Kuwait, and I successfully completed my education in a well-reputed Indian School, I made some great Indian friends all through the 12 years of schooling. I was drowning in the beauty of Indian music and their folk dances which made me excel in dancing. These dances were choreographed by some wonderful dance masters. Also, we were exposed to the Indian culture so much that I was a living Indian inside a Sri Lankan. Even now when I hear a Hindi song, it reminds me of my good old golden days which makes me smile no matter the miles and the distance. The happy memories of our friendship will remain the same.

The panipuri serving restaurants, here again, it takes me back to where I came from. Some nostalgic feelings can’t be expressed enough with words as its positiveness brightens your whole soul.

Next time you go through one of these, take a moment to yourself and dwell into those unforgettable memories.

“Some days I wish I could go back in life not to change anything but to feel a few things twice.”

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Dec 31, 1969
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