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Dear participants!

We present rankings review for the previous day.

So,  from Ukraine tops the list of Majority Results (4,57 points). The difference of coefficients with  (4,42) from Belarus in the second place makes only 0,15 points. The top-3 is closed also by the representative of Belarus  with a coefficient of 4.35.

majority 2

Unlike Majority Results, where the first three places were taken by ladies, men broke through the top-3 Average Results. Thus, the best average result was shown by  from Moldova (3.3637) with a difference of 0.0039 points. He is followed by  (3.3621) from Egypt, whose difference with the average coefficient was 0.0055 points. And  from Colombia with a difference of 0.0065 coefficients took the third place (3.3741).

average 2

, the representative of Moldova, became champion in Supreme’15 ranking. Her coefficient was 11.6102.  with a difference of 0.305 points is not much behind her (11.3052).  from Paraguay took the third place scoring 11.2955 points.  

supreme 2

Regarding Everest ranking, here ladies also left no opportunity for male participants to reach the top. The first place was taken by  from Uruguay -  11.1522. She is followed by  - 11.1295. With a quite good result  closes the top-3 - 11.0537.

everest 2

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