A Good Attempt
It’s really a funny fact that if you cook with enjoyment, you will not feel how time flies away.
Mfn Sbt
Author Mfn Sbt Jun 24, 2019 Society and media

Hobby means one special passing time when s/he not only spends time but also reduces some mental dissatisfaction. Since I am a glutton my favorite hobby is easily identified. Yes, it is cooking, and I am a gastronome. There is a story about this thing becoming my hobby.

My father and mother are government employees, and I am the eldest child. They were very busy in their office and I passed my time alone at home. You know it’s very hard for a 6-year-old Bangladeshi girl to live in the house when most of the time there is no one around. There is a proverb ‘An idle brain is the devil's workshop’, and I was lazy enough.

I didn’t like to spend my time like this and so, I decided to do something new. Alone in the whole home, I moved from my room to room. I found the kitchen very much interesting. That was the first time I tried to make some food. I took some flour and water and wanted to make some bread. I somehow managed to make the primary mixing as I had noticed before how my mom did it. It was very exciting. I felt so happy, but I had to do more. Fortunately, there was a roti-maker in my house and I somehow managed to bake the bread. After testing, I realized I forgot to add salt! It was a good attempt after all. Then I started cooking.

Every day when my parents were gone out I went to the kitchen and tried to make different types of items. It was not easy to hide this activity from my mother, but I somehow managed it. It’s really a funny fact that if you cook with enjoyment, you will not feel how time flies away. Actually, I have read an article that people can find pleasure in the kitchen if they can concentrate and so any depression vanishes. It is damn true. I can assure you.

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