What causes hair fall?
People who have thin hair will surely get troubled if hair falls no matter less or more the number is.

Hair is one of the most essential elements of the human body. If you have good hair in your head, you look attractive. On the contrary, if you have a bald head you just don't look right. People often pass complements about your receding hairlines or bald patches. This hampers your self-esteem and you feel low. As a result, your overall performance in life goes down. The similar thing happened to me.


I had bald spots in my head, by birth. People would notice that and tell me that I had thin hair. People would often ask me if I was losing my hair. However, this didn't have an impact on me, previously. About a year ago, I started noticing multiple hairs falling out while I was taking bath in the shower. I would also see my fallen hair around my bed, on the floors, study tables and almost everywhere.


People who have thin hair will surely get troubled if hair falls no matter less or more the number is. I was using chemical products which was the reason why it fell. There were other reasons too. Anyway, I shaved my head two times and tried different hair regrow techniques but all went in vain. After 10 months, I can see a good amount of hair has regrown in my head. So, I am going to write this article in two parts.


In this first part, we are going to talk about the causes of hair fall. In the second part, we will be talking about techniques to regrow your hair. At the meantime, I just want to clear you that I am not a medical student. So, what I am going to mention here is completely based on my own research, experience, and understanding.


Causes of Hair Fall


It is okay to lose around 25-100 hairs in a day because hair fall and hair regrow go hand in hand. Most of the hair will fall without your knowledge. But if it is visual and if it is falling more than that chances are high that you will go bald very soon. If you are a man you are at a greater risk. I will tell you the reason in a while.


Hair falls due to different reasons. It can be because of disease, some injuries, nutrition issues, etc. In men, it mainly fails due to DHT (Dihydro Testosterone). This DHT is a byproduct of Testosterone which forms a layer beneath your scalp and prevents the blood circulation. Blood carries nutrients and it is supplied to different parts of your body for its proper functioning. But, this layer of DHT blocks the supply of blood and nutrients. As a result, your hair follicles become weak and fall down.

This is my observation, but have you ever thought why hair in other parts of body regrow again and again even if they fall? I think this is because of blood circulation. The blood flows in your body when you are standing, sitting and what not through veins? You can move your cheeks too but can you move your scalp? If you could do this, I think your hair would easily regrow due to blood circulation from one region to another.


So, if you already know the problem, you are at the halfway mark to get the solution. Let’s end this part here because it is already long. In the second part, I will give you six techniques to regrow your hair.  I have tried these techniques and got the desired results. I have the pictures before and the aftermath which I can show you. You can share both of the articles with people who are suffering from hair fall and also inferiority complex because of it. That would be a big help for them. I know the pain because I have been through it.

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