Searching Here and There
...this is in the nature of human to explore.

Life is full of happiness, sadness, expectations, and responsibilities. Without these, a person cannot learn to live in a society. Every human has to cope with them. We have to handle the whole life, the situations which are going to arise in each milestone of life and to live with it. We always have to nurture the milestones for a better lifestyle. The expectation is the only term in the human’s life which always leads the human to achieve the new desire or some new achievements in life. So everyone wants to be successful in their life, handle all the negativities and come out dealing with it, which is more important. But what happened to the rest of the people who cannot deal with it. What happens in their life? Why did not they recognize the good things in their life? The only reason is “IS” and “IS NOT”.

People always do not value the things which are around them. They rather search for unimportant things and essentials in their life.

In Bhagwad Geeta there is a beautiful line: “People are wandering here and there in search of those things which are important to them, the things already given by the God, who creates the human being, and which will be necessary to their life, the essentials like happiness, peace and wealth. The only thing which humans have to do is to explore it rather than searching here and there. But this is in the nature of human to explore. People always go behind which is not in existence which leads them to divert from their path. While searching the new resources people forget those they already have and therefore cannot utilize them. As a result, searching for the new leads to the loss of time. Due to this, they neither utilize the existing resource, nor they find the new one. In the end, they realize that the thing they had searched all over alone was already near them.”

So, people have to find the inner exploration, and instead of searching here and there they have to find and utilize which is already with them.

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Dec 31, 1969
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