Push yourself a little bit more
I was ready to face the consequences which were coming in the form of the results.

Science has done great works. Through research and different scientific interventions, it has given us numerous facts, figures, and conclusions. Scientists have found out there is a relationship between your daily activities and its subsequent influence on the development of your neurons. According to them, your activities also influence mutations and change in genes. What we are going to talk about today is not on a purely scientific basis. I firmly believe that certain things are better explained with practical experiences rather than ideal theories. So, let me make an attempt to do it in this article.


A few questions

How often in your life have you experienced that you pushed yourself a bit more to do certain things and to your surprise, it brought the desired results? This can be an overnight study just before the examination when you were a student. If you played sports, for instance, football, imagine that your team was on the verge of losing the game. All of a sudden you got the ball and hit it to the post. The match goes to a tiebreaker and your team finally wins it making everyone speechless. These are just a few examples of pushing yourself a little bit more. Can you relate these things with your real life experiences? Think for a minute and answer me, okay?


My experience of pushing a little bit more

I will share my experience with you. I had failed in one of my examinations when I was in my undergraduate studies in Engineering. I had studied that subject thoroughly but couldn’t pass it even after studying for a week. So, I had to give a back paper. Unfortunately, it coincided with my regular board examination. I had to give my regular examination on Friday afternoon and the back paper examination on Saturday morning at 7. The examination centre was an hour away from where I lived. I wasn’t hopeless then. Instead, I decided to study overnight. I made coffee 3 times that night to keep myself awake. At 4 a.m., unknowingly I closed my eyes and that time I realized that if I close my eyes I would fall asleep. I would only wake up after my exam gets over. So, I took a bath, studied for 2 hours more and rushed towards the examination centre.


To be honest, I had only read for 40 marks. 80 was the full marks. The invigilator gave me the question paper and I went through it. I realized that I could only attempt 35 marks from the paper. So, I had to score 32 marks to pass the examination. The margin of error was only 3 marks.


The examination was hours long. And in the middle, I couldn’t even focus properly. Even though I pushed myself a bit more. I attempted 35 marks in three hours. When I came out of the examination hall, I realized that I had made a mistake of 2 marks. I thought I was going to fail. Despite all this, I was happy because, in the limited time, I did my best. I was ready to face the consequences which were coming in the form of the results.


Finally, the result was published and I had scored 33 marks. I had passed the year in a near impossible way. I didn’t pass the subject reading for a week previously but I cleared it reading just for a night. Can you imagine it? How on earth was this possible? This is my experience of ‘pushing yourself a little bit more’. I’m sure you have experienced situations like this in your life too.


Anyway, I slept for the next 24 hours after reaching home. My confidence level boosted up there on. After that, I took my subjects seriously and never relied on a single night to pass an exam.



If you prepare for the worst and push yourself a little bit more you will achieve the greatest feats in your life. Sometimes, you just need to push yourself to unleash your true potential. So, every time you plan to do something push yourself a little bit more, okay?

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Dec 31, 1969
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