Are Comfort Zones Dangerous?
Sometimes you should grab a hammer and break your own nutshell.

Before we dwell on this topic I presume that the statement has both questions and answer in it. Let's dig deeper.


What are comfort zones?


I would love to put across my thoughts in a layman language and I want all of you to get connected to it on a personal level. Come on, let's begin. Comfort zones are the places where we feel utmost safe. It is completely a psychological pleasure one has and would love to remain there as long as they want. Or rather they would remain there until a warning buzzer is received.


Sounds so good right. Why would one like to face difficulty when his/her job gets done without crossing their shell? Now, this shell may act as a shield for some time and only under certain circumstances. It is not necessary for you to achieve success in your comfort zones. In fact, it happens the other way round. You will get problems more than success there. That's when your life starts alerting you with warning bell.


If you immediately act upon receiving it, you are saved. If not, consider doomed.


Why is it important to come out of comfort zones?


Comfort zones are good to have and to feel safe. But sometimes you should grab a hammer and break your own nutshell. Success and opportunities won't come to your doorstep all the time. You should get out of your restricted boundary in search of the same.


You can't forever be the same and stay at the same level in your life. If you wish to stay in your comfort zone, then there'll be no growth in your life. You will not be able to discover your fine abilities and passions. You will not be able to overcome your fears and you will slowly start to compromise in your life. Now, this doesn’t sound good like it did earlier. Am I right in saying this?


So buckle up people, come out of your comfort zones because they are NOT actually your comfort zones. They are danger zones. Break your boundaries and become successful.


Remember “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone. Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

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Dec 31, 1969
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