Self-setting for Success
Self-setting doesn’t mean “put a smile” and “be happy about everything around”.

Whenever you are into starting a new business it is important to believe in your own success and generally believe in yourself and your idea.

Why is it important?

You can have a lot of experience, but without believing in yourself and confidence, you may never be successful the way you want to be.

This kind of belief sets a special emotional condition and all your fears are going to evaporate.

How to make this work?

Self-setting doesn’t mean “put a smile” and “be happy about everything around”.

Here you will find a few ways to do it:

  1. Perception of your idea and mission.

You should realize why you are doing that, what is your mission. It is not supposed to be only about money. Money is a very specific kind of mission and of course, we all are working for financial success. But there should be something more. If you are a designer, you create beauty around yourself and make people happy. If you are a teacher, you give people knowledge and make them smart.

  1. Not only work but also make money.

Honestly, mostly it is my mistake, but you are clever people and you are not going to repeat my mistakes. Whenever you start your own business, you should understand that it is your goods to sell, whether it is your knowledge or the goods you bring from China. Your aim is to get money from doing it and there are no free goods for friends and family and really far family member who you have never met. You should realize it. As a tip, you can make something you want and save for that, for example, a new car and whenever someone asks you for free goods you can always say you badly need a new car and can’t make it for free, but you can make it with a discount.  

  1. Do not focus on fails.

Fails are happening to everyone. Allow yourself to fail, but do not give up. Use your fails to be smarter next time.

And always keep in mind, the more you believe in yourself, the more successful you are.

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Dec 31, 1969
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