Overall Goodness
Character is more important than Caliber.

Why is this man/woman so wicked? Why can’t they see that they need to give respect to get respect? Why can’t they be kind to a homeless child who is asking for a meal? Witnessing such people makes us wonder how they lead a normal good life ignoring the reality… We start thinking if their parents had not nurtured them with good values enough. We as parents don’t intentionally forget to teach and raise our children well. We get so busy trying to make our kids excel in their academics, so they could lead successful lives with very attractive salaries, but we never look back to see if we missed out on anything along the way of our upbringing.

Instilling good values and performing kind acts in front of kids show them how we must treat one another. Understanding shown at their failures boosts their inner strength and drives a motivating attitude in them. All mothers and all fathers would give anything to see their kids prosper in life but let’s also strive to see them as good human beings too and help them get there. Careers will give them all material excitement and pride which is always temporary, but a kind, understanding and respectful act will give them pure joy and that happiness will always stay alive inside and encourage them to repeat the goodness at any given opportunity. Let them also witness and realize that these good manners that they grow up with will make a permanent mark on everyone they meet during their lifetime. So, let them leave good prints in all hearts.

A very inspiring video I saw recently from Jay Shetty showed how unknowingly most people push their kids into pursuing well in their studies and hold high positions in life only to brag about their kids with their friends and family. In this story two mothers who were best friends met after a long time outside a shopping mall, and they started to chat immediately and talked how well their sons are doing. But there is a difference here, while the first mother was happy with who her son was and proud with his achievements the second mother had pushed her son towards achievements and only talked on how well he treats her. So their discussion went on for quite some time and both waved goodbye. While waving goodbye, the second mother asked the first if her son was coming to pick her up? And again she added ‘My son has come to pick me’ and happily got inside the car. As she shut the door her son asked her why she keeps making him do these things which he doesn’t like and that he rather be with his friends than doing these.

So, in reality, not all that you have bragged about is true, is it? How can any child be that perfect now? We ourselves have flaws in us and so do our kids and it is okay. What’s not okay is forcing them to do what we like and making them look like our expensive ornaments which we place and keep the way we want… They are who they are, and we have to let them discover their abilities on their own by only guiding them and not ruling them. Degrees and diplomas will give them financial freedom but life lessons will be the roots that will hold them and strengthen their lives.

“It’s okay to want your children to be successful, but don’t let success be a substitute for their values.”

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Dec 31, 1969
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