Caring for Oneself Is A Must
We miss so many beautiful things in life that have been in our reach only because we were afraid to make the first step.

Question Analysis for June 7

  1. Principle …

…forbids something, determines what is right and what is wrong. It’s just a perception.

  1. Question:

Where am I? Am I supposed to be here?

  1. Who survives: those who have no principles or priorities?

Definitely, those who have no principles. Those who do not care if they are hurting someone, using someone. Those who do not mind going over dead bodies. Those who are not afraid of being discovered in their lies.

  1. What start is worth holding on to?

Different situations call for different measures, and therefore, different start. Sometimes it’s the honest one, sometimes it’s the tricky one, and sometimes the one that seems wrong happens to be the right one.

  1. Principles are more important than …

Material profit and authority. I can’t decide between those two. All others, especially family and freedom, should be far above principles. And this time, let’s vote for material profit. No money can buy peace in your soul.

  1. Have you ever met people who can live without…

Without principles – yes. And I’ve tried to stay away from them, as far away as I can.

Without goals – I can remember one person. And I can confirm he’s the most negative, the most enervating and the most boring person I have ever met in my life!

Without faith – maybe, but only at some point in their life, not permanently.

Without doubts – not really. We all have some doubts in life, no matter if we admit it or not.

Without beliefs and ideals – definitely not. I think we all have them.

  1. We have no power over …

People, I guess. The others can be controlled, more or less. Even some events.

  1. The biggest weakness?

To be afraid to start. We miss so many beautiful things in life that have been in our reach only because we were afraid to make the first step.

  1. I believe in …

…my own principles. The other things listed here are either too relative or impossible.

  1. A life rule that you used:

Give love without looking back, but be careful when trusting. And this applies to partner and friends as well. ‘Not betraying your friends no matter’ what would be right behind.

  1. Let's not be too sure in…

…tomorrow. We can never know what would tomorrow be like, and if there is going to be any.

  1. Your philosophy:

Be always in mind of your own. No matter what you do, do not forget about yourself. Caring for others is nice, but caring for oneself is a must.

  1. The character is …

…ability to act according to principles. To be precise, it’s the way we act according to principles.

  1. The principle you live on…

Believe. Sometimes, even the impossible can come true!

  1. The last thing you need…

I would say sensitivity. Nowadays, sensitivity hurts you more than it serves for good.

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Dec 31, 1969
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