Violation of the rules (Updated)
Our main goal is to create fair conditions for all users of the site.
Author Database Jun 11, 2019 Society and media
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Dear users

Despite previous warnings from DB Advisors team and measures taken, unfortunately, violations by participants still continue. This time in the list of violators there are fourteen users of the website whose results for the last debate day will be reset. 

We expect fair competition and fair treatment towards participants.



Dear Advisors

DB Advisors has repeatedly warned users about the prohibition of identical coefficients from participants and called for compliance with sports ethics in all aspects of the company's activity.

Due to systematic violations of the rules of DB Advisors, fifteen users of the site are punished by zeroing the results of the last debate day. In case of repetition of such situation, violators will be excluded from participation in all tournaments as well as from other sports directions of the company. In this case, the amount of the last investment will be returned to the owners.

Our main goal is to create fair conditions for all users of the site. We kindly ask you not to break the rules and compete within the limits established by the Administration.

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