I accept the suspense
You can leave Harvard and become a billionaire.

I accept the suspense. That is supposed to be a slogan of people around the world. Why? Because we live in an uncertain time. We can hardly predict our future. Nowadays we became freer but less protected from a simple life and unknown future.


Our parents used to have schema: birth, school, university, work, marriage, children, promotion, another kid. It was normal and if you were out of scheme, people felt sympathy for you. They were sorry you did not get married or if you were unlucky in trying to have a child or in case you got fired. You were not a complete person without all those components in your life.


Nowadays everything has changed. You can leave Harvard and become a billionaire. You can have an idea or talent and you might be famous or not. Our life became a game “be in needed time in needed place” and you are on the top of the world in a few days.


However, many people decide to live as our parents did. Why? Probably they are afraid or their parents insisted on that, and they got used to that. I personally regret only the thing that I didn't do a gap year after school, but in that case, I probably wouldn’t even have a chance to meet my best friend. And who knows where I would be now without her.


Nevertheless, I enjoy suspension in this world, but if I see the chance to try something new, I go for it. I really find it amazing those vicissitudes of fate and that I can decide my future, not the society around. My slogan is “I accept the suspense in the world and I enjoy it”. What is yours?

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Dec 31, 1969
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