Nourishing and Healing Natural Artists
“Please grow into beautiful flowers, so I can see you every day”.

Mesmerizing views of natural artists called plants, trees and flowers fill up our world with so much freshness and happiness. It’s the greatest blessing to our planet. Without these life-giving artists, we wouldn’t be able to survive as we do now. Incredible, isn’t it?

Yesterday evening, as usual, my elder daughter started asking me questions, and this time she was so curious about how and why plants grow and why they are so important. So I switched on my laptop and turned on YouTube to watch some video clips on flora and fauna. That was the moment I got so keen on writing about plants, trees, and flowers today.

Our kids living in today’s lifestyles are receiving just a small proportion of experience with nature compared to our childhood. With growing technological advancements, we have forgotten to show our kids where the real growth of this planet had started from. The joy of running through the grasslands laying under a tree feeling its cool shelter. We can’t imagine how much strength and goodness our nature holds in itself. One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for four people! We most definitely can learn amazing qualities from nature. Its impeccable abilities to heal the damage we humans cause is such a tremendous act.

I have been witnessing great willpower from their silence and patience over the years. A small plant turns into a tree which grows the juiciest fruits, the long wait has finally filled us with good food. It’s clearly a wonderful act of nature. Flowers… oh, this is my favorite part, I am a huge fan of them. I really love the scent of flowers. It calms me and helps me to feel lighter inside out. By surrounding ourselves with greenery, vibrant colors and natural scents from nature, we will see more positiveness around us. Good vibes aren't the only benefit we receive from nature. Some plants and flowers are used for so many health improvements. Many are taken in the form of medicines or simply as herbal tea.

While enjoying the fruits of nature, we must also try to preserve it for our future generations. That is why I always ask my elder daughter to water the plants and whenever we grow a new one she gently taps the soil around it and says “Please grow into beautiful flowers, so I can see you every day”.

Although she is just a child her constant talking to plants has made a difference in their growth. I had noticed last week that one of our plants who she speaks to so often grew faster than the others, and I was astonished for a moment because they are of the same kind. I have heard many stories from people who love to plant that speaking kind words helps the growth of plants and trees because they feel us. So this pulled me straight to my laptop where I started to research about these and I found out from that plants really do feel our presence. They are fully aware of our contact and our treatment towards them.

Feeling a bit upset after reading all those I realized how many trees and forests have been chopped down and removed only to please our pleasures. Knowing how important nature is to us we can take possible measures to restore the balance. One of the best methods is to plant new trees and flowers more often and teach our growing generation to protect them. We want a bright future for our kids, but what brightness will there be left if all the light is taken away? Let’s start with one plant at a time and make a regular attempt to preserve our talented healers.

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Dec 31, 1969
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