A Moment or A Lifetime?
You can try all your life, but you can’t make the wrong person love you truly.

Sometimes in life, we get so carried away trying to find the perfection in almost everyone and everything. We don’t take two seconds to get upset if it doesn't end up the way we thought it would be. We create these illusions of how reality has to be. Instead of accepting the originality, we spend minutes, hours days and years figuring out how this thing or this person could be better, and then we end up doing the most dangerous thing “trying to fix things in the way we see these things.” That’s wrong!


Not everyone or everything has to come under our approval. Too much of pressure especially from people to people can damage so many things. Example: if you overcook any food, you lose its succulent taste and freshness. Thinking you know its whole attitude will turn all the happy endings in your life into sad ones. Face it! No one on this entire world is perfect, no material item is perfect either! There are always some flaws and that’s great. That's where we can differentiate one from another. Like you are a great dancer and your friend can be a great singer. Differences make us who we are today as they show us where we are most comfortable in and also help us immensely to reform from bad habits too. A smoker sees a non-smoker looking all healthy. So, there comes a flow of questions in his mind. These kinds of realizations are needed in our lives.


I’ll be giving you my point at the end of this story. Some of us have another bad factor which is falling in love too quickly, avoiding the flaws and focusing only on outer beauty and charm. We have done this not once, not twice, but a few more times. The scariest thing happens when you decide to marry too quickly. People unwrap their actual face a few days or a few months after getting married. If you two remain the same loving and understanding people after getting married, then you are a very lucky person but the truth is that most unwrapped characters aren't pleasant ones after getting married. Imperfections are beautiful but not any sort of abuse… Sadly, many people face abuse in marriages and all they feel is helplessness and regret. You come crashing down when you face the reality especially when you have built your own decision looking at temporary facts in your way. It hurts… it hurts so much to give, to sacrifice, to change just to please one person who doesn't actually take any note of what you have done. You can try all your life, but you can’t make the wrong person love you truly.


This is my point. We quickly assume and get impressed when we are shown what we like. A subject like love has to be taken seriously as it can change you into someone better or someone worse.


Love is expressed through feelings, sincerity, and understanding. Even if the other has not spoken to you about something, you will understand something isn't right.


Some of us get a true love which feels like a lifetime in a moment, believe me, that moment is all that we need, if only we ourselves find it. And for those who have found it, they know that little moment is making their life worthwhile.


Seeing things, the way they are presented in front of you will build expectations and when it’s not at all the way it looks, you break. But its actually your mistake. Time is everything here. Give time to anything because only time can reveal the truth. Rushing and impatience will cause you an upsetting moment throughout your lifetime.


Will you prefer a moment of satisfaction or a lifetime of happiness? Sometimes that's what it comes down to.

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Dec 31, 1969
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