A Valuable Compliment
People tend to lie a lot or hide the truth often to protect themselves from something or to intentionally harm someone.

Question Analysis for May 24

  1. Helping someone, you do it mostly with all your:

Helping can be called helping only if it is done with your heart. If it is done with money only, it is called interest.

  1. What type of lies can you resort to in order to strengthen your position in a dispute?

Well, exaggeration is the best “weapon” in disputes. Drama, drama, and more drama!

  1. What feelings expression on the part of your interlocutor are you afraid most?

Insults and disrespect is something I can handle and respond to in the same manner if necessary. A cry won’t scare me, but it will certainly put me in an uncomfortable situation that I would find difficult to deal with. Screaming will certainly make me feel afraid, but still nothing is more upsetting than crying.

  1. Quiet, shy people:

…often consider themselves the worst, or at least not as good as others. Ironically, it is almost never the case.

  1. How well do you know how to advertise yourself?

It depends on the mood and who do we introduce ourselves to. Buck fever can be an extremely important factor, as well as the suitability of our current mood to the particular situation.

  1. What word reflects your attitude to emotions most accurately:

Keenness. Emotions can often overtake you, but a life without emotions is only a timeline.

  1. Conflicts mainly serve to …

…make people respect you and your opinion. It’s a way of telling them you won’t quietly accept just about anything.

  1. What would you ask your parents for if you could go back to your childhood?

Attention is never enough when it comes to raising kids!

  1. A valuable compliment for you is...

“You are reliable”. That is one of the best things a person can hear for themselves.

  1. You often tell yourself:

Hum… Pretty much all of it… I’m almost 100% sure that “I could have done it better” and “I have to hold on” are the most frequent ones for all people, but between those two, maybe “hold on” is the winner. Enduring and not giving up in difficult situations is very important.

  1. Many people from your surroundings have this trait. This is…

Insincerity is the most common trait. People tend to lie a lot or hide the truth often to protect themselves from something or to intentionally harm someone.

  1. What helps you to persuade someone?

The ability to be liked is one of the most important qualities in life in general. There are so many situations when a good and competent person failed to succeed only because another one was more likeable.

  1. In your view, the most valuable quality for life is…

Ability to solve disputes. In your favor, of course, but remain a man on the way.

  1. Tolerance for you is primarily…

Ability to take a wider perspective at life; Ability to learn something new and see the world from other people’s eyes; Recognizing attitudes that are different from yours, but still rightful, acceptable and normal.

  1. What, in your opinion, is the most precise definition of desire?

A desire is to want. To want something badly and work hardly to get it.

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Dec 31, 1969
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