Is it okay to forget?
The primary purpose of learning is actually forgetting the things of the past.

I have seen people who complain that they have memory issues. They can barely remember incidents of near past. On the contrary, there are people who keep thinking about past events. These kinds of people are rather emotional or sensitive. They get hurt when people tell them something bad or hurt them in some other ways. The memories of past pile up and shake them to the core, time and again.


Both of the aforementioned examples are two extreme cases. In the first case, people can't remember minor details. In the second case, people remember more and overthink. Either of the two cases is, in fact, it is a problem. So, in this article, we will talk about the importance of forgetting things. We will also talk about the significance of memory and to what extent we should store information.


Our mind is like a memory drive. If you fill it with too many files and folders, it will be congested. Just like in a computer, it will be difficult for you to retrieve information at the right time. So, space has to be duly maintained. You should delete all the unnecessary files and preserve the necessary files in a systematic and scientific manner.


If you listen to interviews of people with extraordinary memory power, they say that the secret of their extraordinary ability lies in the ability to manage information. If you can control the information and handle it in the right way, you can store, remove and even replace information when needed.


Now, let’s come to the main agenda.


So, how much should you remember?


If you are a student, you need to remember a lot of facts and figures. If you a working person you need not remember as much as a student. So, the number of things that you need to remember completely depends upon your work. If you are someone who needs to remember a lot of information you should develop a mechanism to handle the stress which comes your way as a byproduct.


Now, let’s analyze this concept from a life perspective rather than from an informational perspective.


Let me tell you something. You need not remember everything. The primary purpose of learning is actually forgetting the things of the past. Since the space inside is limited, the substitution of information is a must. So, it is not wise to remember all your past experiences.


There is a proverb, if a man remembers everything he did wrong in the past, he will either become the wisest man on earth or becomes mad.


Mostly, people lose their senses and become mad when they overthink and stress themselves. So, it is better to forget everything about the past and move ahead. You live a longer and healthier life when you forget and learn to forgive. This way you heal yourself and make peace with your past. You can refer to my article ‘Letting go of your past’.

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Dec 31, 1969
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