Being Nervous All The Time
No one is perfect and you do not have to be the one.

How to stop being nervous all the time in your life?

Many people are living under stress every second in their life. You solve one problem and then find another one. Year by year nothing changes. Are you one of them? I bet you are. I used to be one and you might be too. If you’re continuing to live like that, this article might be helpful for you.

If you can solve your problem, there’s nothing to be worried about. If you can’t solve the problem, it is useless to worry about it. I love this quote because it is so much truth and it is so simple. I hope I will learn it myself, but it is not a quick and easy process.

For now, I follow the next method:

Solving problems step by step. Worrying is wasting of time! Yes, it is true, if you’re worried about something you can’t focus on your other tasks as well as you can’t find a solving because you’re not looking for it. You are just worrying.

Do not think about past decisions and do trust your intuition. I didn’t listen to my inner voice so many times, and I made mistakes. It is totally alright. We are all humans, we do mistakes and it is okay! Accept it, please. No one is perfect and you do not have to be the one. It doesn’t mean you should not try, but it is another story.

If you have many things to worry about then write them down. Yes, all of them. Then pick those ones you can solve and focus on their solving. Gradually, you will finish all of them and then you may find a solution for other unsolvable problems.

In addition, always keep in mind that: You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. Those words from a kid’s book help me a lot when I am under stress. I hope they will work for you too.

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Dec 31, 1969
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