How to stop complaining and start living?
It is much easier to blame others in your failures than start doing something.

Have you ever noticed that some people have similar life conditions, but some are optimistic and fighting for a better life and others are just telling everyone how tired they are and how bad their life is?

Yeah, most of us try to make friends with the first type of people and avoid the second type. Unless you are the second type and like complaining and do not change your life.

Why does it happen? Because those people do not like to take responsibility for their lives. It is much easier to blame others in failures than start doing something. Well, it does not mean you should start blaming yourself instead of others. The point is to stop blaming at all.

Yes, there are more successful people, and they probably had better chances and conditions for that. Nevertheless, there are also many people who are not supposed to be successful, but they are, they fight and become successful. Why cannot you be the same?

Firstly, imagine your life without complaints about everything and take your responsibility for that. Accept the current situation and stop thinking “if I had done that” or “if I had had a chance”.

Secondly, look for positive vibes in everything. Sun is shining – it is positive. Yes, that is a bit ridiculous example, but try to see positive in everyday life. Find a hobby that makes you feel better. It should not even be something you pay for. Remind something you loved to do in your childhood. For example, drawing or singing, there is so much free information and lessons on YouTube. Start with that.

Third but not less important than the first two above, try “days without complaints”. Yes, just like people who do recover from alcoholism. Start with one or two days a week and notice how those days are different from others. The most important point is that you should do it not only to people around but also in your head. Avoid those complaints in your head too.

Definitely, it is not easy to stop complaining. However, what other options you have? It is better to try than to never know how your life can change.

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Dec 31, 1969
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