Echo of Life
Our perspectives and perceptions affect so much of our individual realities.

Question Analysis for May 7


  1. Fashion begins with …


Fashion does change from time to time. It is directly proportional to trend. Though people assume that fashion and trend are the same, but in reality it is not. They go hand in hand to keep us updated all the time. But I believe in the fact that “Fashion begins with you”.


  1. People consider dangerous those …


People with own illusions may appear to be dangerous. As long as your dreams and illusions do not harm others, there is nothing wrong in being imaginative. But if that falls under concern, then it is dangerous.


  1. You suppose that illusions …


Like I said earlier, as long as they are not harmful, I suppose illusions are okay to have. They are part of everyone’s life, they are transient and endless too. There is no boundary that restricts you from having illusions beyond that. But, yes, in a few cases they are destructive too.


  1. Time …


I vote for ‘time separates the illusory and the real’. My explanation seems to be imbecile when compared with experts in those respective subjects. As a layman, I would say illusions are not time-bound unlike the real. Thus, time separates both.


  1. Illusion is thinking …


The illusion is not only due to fear; it depends on many other elements. Your desires, lifestyle, genes and something you miss the most, etc. can create instant illusions. In short, I go for ‘terrible habits of mind can cause an illusion’.


  1. The bubble of collective illusion:


If one person has an illusion, we call him/her insane. And if a group has the same illusion, their majority wins. We may have to believe those illusions depending on the circumstances. But at the end illusion is an illusion.


  1. The surrounding …


Whatever you desire for, it will create an illusion and the surrounding can be fantasized depending on the type of illusion.


  1. There is no worse illusion than …


I would like to choose multiple options here. But considering our planet’s condition I choose ‘world peace can be the worse illusion’.


  1. Is it better to lose your life or illusions and dreams?


Your life is not a trashcan. Just for the sake of a mirage, you can’t lose your life. God has created you for a sensible requirement. At the same time, you can dream of ruling a city, state, etc. That is not bad at all. But being obsessed with anything will surely lead to your destruction.


  1. The illusion of the XXI century:


Well, all these were, are and will remain true forever. ‘Righteousness always wins’ is the best illusion for now because we all know that today we try to take shortcuts over virtue to win.


  1. The world of the mirror - …


A mirror reflects yourself. If you are true, then obviously your reflection would remain true.


  1. Illusion is a consequence of …


Both incorrect interpretation and incomprehension. Where the mind is unable to focus and understand something because of preoccupied desires, illusion occurs.


  1. Sometimes illusion …


...may contain more truth than reality. It is not impossible to happen. We humans do not realize the value of truth sometimes.


  1. The world of illusions …


Not every illusion is pleasant or beautiful and vice versa. It depends on the individual’s behavior and attitude towards life. Illusions may show you the right path to achieve success in your life, sometimes your destruction mode can be switched on too.


  1. Illusion …


I say it is a kind of echo of life. You will not get any illusion which is nowhere related to you. You will find at least a tiny binding factor of reality in your illusion. You just have to understand what it is.

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