Fail early and fail fast?
Why should I fail, if I can think a bit more and create plan B for any potential failures in the future?

“Fail early and fail fast, be wrong as fast as you can”.

I have read this phrase in the book of one of the Pixar studio founder. To be honest I was so confused. I do not know about other countries, but in Russia, we do have a proverb: “Measure seven times, cut once.”

I always tried to estimate every step I will make in the future and made a very small step in order not to fail. So, to hear now about failing early and fast, of course, that confuses me a lot. Why should I fail if I can think a bit more and create plan B for any potential failures in the future?

However, I think that I am an open-minded person. So, in my head, I gave that phrase a chance. And you know what? I think in some situations in our lives it can be helpful.

Do you remember your first love? First dates, first kisses, all those emotions and, of course, trying to save your relationship as long as you could! How many of you were really into marrying their first love? Most of us have changed a lot since the time we were at school and university. We changed so much that now our first second half can just be not a good person for us.

It is normal that we do not want to try again after a bad first date to meet that person again. We just do not match and it is easier to move on. Move on to keep looking for a person who fits our expectations.

The same with a job. There are so many opportunities in the world nowadays. Should you really be doing the job you do not like or keep working for a crazy boss?

For example, you got a new job and after a week you realize it is not the way you expected it to be. You still have the opportunity to leave and keep looking. If you realized that your business plan is failing, you should not invest all your money in that idea. Change the idea, find your fails early and change it!

The faster we understand it is not for us, the faster we move on and find the right place in the world for us. Keep moving, do not stick in one position and be flexible as much as you can. Maybe this is the way to real success!


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Dec 31, 1969
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