Switch Your Attention
To work properly you have to rest properly.

Have you ever heard this phrase? I did a lot at my previous job, and I could not quite understand the meaning of it.

I used to work properly. There were no problems with this part. In addition, I worked 24/7 sometimes in busy periods. During some urgent situations I had to pick my phone at night or on weekends. How do you think when I was buried under load of work? Yes, pretty fast.

My brains have non-stop thinking of my work. Do you realize how much pressure it is? I do now. Moreover, I thought it is right! It is right to be worried about my clients all the time and think how I can help them and make their life better. Why did not I make my life better instead?

In the first year, I started to notice that my mood gets down. I started to have a cold much more often than before. My boss, a great woman, noticed it and invited me for small talk to her office. The first thing she asked me was “Why do you press yourself so hard?” It was true. I contacted my clients even during my illness or my vacation. I am not supposed to work on vacation, am I?

So, she suggested me to find a hobby after work. That is how I got to painting classes twice a week. Guess what! I started to switch my attention to the painting and when I got home, I had awesome feeling that I am not bothered by my job anymore and have no thoughts about my clients.

Can you believe that I started to be more productive after that? Yes, my brains just wanted some switching and some rest from work situations. Moreover, I stopped to get cold every autumn!

So, yes, whenever you feel exhausted, just find a hobby for yourself. To work properly, our brains need a simple switch between our work and our life.

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Dec 31, 1969
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