Being a Human

Question Analysis for May 6th

  1. If you deprive a person of this quality, there will be only a monkey falling from the trees:

Hope. Because only that can make you survive no matter which job you do. If you avoid something related to hope then that’d be your greatest mistake.

  1. Science for you - …

Maze. Maze as in a positive way. Science is full of puzzles and discoveries where we need people with high intelligence to find a solution for all those baffles.

  1. Humanity is the sum of …

Well, all these options are same. But I say humanity is the some of our shortcomings. Love, care and helping others etc. have become scarce in recent times. Humans are not to be blamed here.

  1. Virus of indifference to …

Since you named it as virus of indifference, I guess the most affected option is the approaching end. People who are indifferent often show laziness and disinterest in many things. They are highly unapproachable.

  1. The spread of civilization can be compared with …

Let us look at it on a brighter note and choose a powerful flame as it spreads rapidly. I hope civilization spreads rapidly too and becomes useful for the wellness of self.

  1. All mankind …

Create self-destructing poison but slow poison. We are brutally insane interns of technological and cultural developments. Everything is growing rapidly, but behind the screen our self-destruction mode has been switched on.

  1. A human became a humanity too late, when he already differentiated into …

May be the rich and the poor. Today’s world is in such an agonized state where the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer.

  1. To be humane …

It is limited to our five senses. To be humane isn’t any occupation. And it can’t be derived by any terms and conditions too. It has to be there within your self.

  1. If there is …

I feel the robust option here is “injustice, we will correct it”. Crossing an ocean, beating a record or curing a disease isn’t that difficult. Meddling with injustice is rather hectic.

  1. Human morality …

Owing to the present rate, I would say it improves more slowly than science. Morality requires a lot more than intelligence and wealth.

  1. You would divide humanity into those who find comfort in…

I read the question almost six times to understand which would be the best suited one. I’ll go with food.

  1. The purpose of mankind is in …

May be achieving granted goals with pure heart and also work for the betterment of mankind. We may pretend as if we don’t know what will happen in future if kindness is completely ignored. But everything related to nature is known for a strong comeback.

  1. History - …

History itself says something about past. Past is the combination of positive and negative people/incidents. Learn from negative past and make your present and future rightful. It is just a matter of few memories. It depends on you as to how to fiddle with those.

  1. Choose a tip:

Do not judge. Because this quality will put yourself, as well as many others, in too many troubles. It is better to stay quite rather than being judgmental.

  1. Intelligence is an ability to…

Change. Change that is required to bring out good in people. To do something that is useful for our planet.


Every aspect of our society and our everyday life lacks justice!

Emotion-related Questions

Some singers make me feel disgust and contempt for them, similarly to the newly mass-produced untalented actors.

Of Coffee and Coloring

People can easily cheer me up and make me smile, but also make me angry or furious.

A Roller Coaster Ride

Knowledge is something even a thief cannot steal from you.

Undercover agent

Forget the past or go back and change some things. Which one would be better?

We are not machines

Live a quiet life. At some point, sooner or later, you realize it’s what we all need.

The Quietest Person

This is one of the worst nightmares for me, as I am a shy person.

You and society

If you know that you are being truthful, then always stand by your words.