Illusion of Friendship
In times when technology makes us be closer than ever, we are actually so lonely and distant from each other.

Question Analysis for May 21

  1. For what reason do you visit DB Advisors?

To see the results and see how well can I guess what other people think. Speaking about guessing, I believe the most chosen answer will be “to develop my emotional intelligence”.

  1. Now you are:

…languor. And I kind of like it.

  1. With your parents you are…

…core, an inseparable part, something that always goes together, as a whole.

  1. In your youth you were…

I guess we were all problems for our parents back then!

  1. In your childhood you were…

Funny question. I had to search for the meaning and symbolism of all those flowers and I couldn’t identify myself with any of the meanings, so I’m just going to choose the lily of the valley as its flowers are tiny, gentle, wonderfully scented and white, just as any child – small, gentle, fragile, cute and innocent.

  1. When was the last time you felt happy?

This morning. And every single day. Luckily, my baby girl is here to always make me laugh and feel happy.

  1. Love…

… a delightful catastrophe. I like that. It shows both sides of love.

  1. The pain was so …

…unexpected… because, no matter how much we are aware of some bad situation or loss that is going to happen, no matter how much we try to prepare for it, we cannot predict how much and for how long it is going to hurt.

  1. Obviously, great love lies in …

…joy from each other. That is the first and one of the most important feelings a person should feel and have in a romantic relationship. Without it, everything else would be pointless.

  1. Loneliness…

…is the scourge of the 21st century. In times when technology makes us be closer than ever, we are actually so lonely and distant from each other.

  1. The Internet…

…is illusion of friendship, indeed. But unfortunately, there are numberless cases when it is an illusion of an entire life. To begin with, I will choose the milder option this time – an illusion of friendship – as not everyone you befriend on social media is your friend for real.

  1. Perfect life …

…good friends. Apropos the previous question, I would say that having good and true friends is one of the most important factors for a perfect life, and the only one from this list, by the way.

  1. People lie so much …

Oh my… this question is epic! I can’t stop laughing, and I can’t decide which situation brings more lies! OK, let’s see. Declaration of eternal love can be false, but it often happens to be true. During the war, yes, sure, and apparently, it’s some sort of tactics or something. After hunting – definitely, but those lies are almost harmless and pure boasting. Before the elections… Now, that’s lying! Absolutely nothing from what politicians say before the elections is true.

  1. At first love causes …

…euphoria. We are happy and joyful beyond words, feeling like we could fly… over the rainbow, so high… and everything we do, we do it with such great enthusiasm, maybe even greater than it should be.

  1. Some people …

There are a lot of “some people” in each of those groups. And it seems to me that those who lie to get through the day are the most numerous of all.

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